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Lately I've noticed a trend in wood signs to be more present in home and garden decor, and I am all about it. I find there to be something special about wood decor. As it is an all- natural material, it connects us to our most organic state of mind while the personal message add-ons just brings the ambience together.


This piece in particular was inspired by my sister's project called "The Hundred Acre Dream." She and her in-laws live on 100-acres of land on a mountain- top in California, and will quite literally be turning their dream of a home into a beautiful reality. I wanted to make her a small piece that acted as a reminder to enjoy the journey of creating her dream. Sometimes we get so fixated on the final destination, that we unintentionally miss the beautiful ride it took to get there. Every step of the way is worth celebrating.

This piece actually gave me the most difficulty as it was my first introduction to formed lettering. I originally wanted to display the "This Way" arrow in an inverted fashion where the letters would be shown through exposed wood, surrounded by white paint (see below). However, getting the letters consistently uniformed in freehand scissor- work on blue painter's tape turned out to be incredibly difficult and just straight up irritating. So, I switched to using the painter's tape to get straight edges for the arrow, and free- hand painted the calligraphy.

For custom signs like this, locations (ie. Los Gatos, California) can be included at the bottom of the piece.

Each piece is sanded down, stained and painted in our little workshop of a home garage in California. All items are repurposed from wood left over to be trashed. This includes anything between palettes found on the road, to wood scraps on their final destination of the dump. I am committed to creating pieces under an environmentally friendly process to help conserve our world to its natural state.

"Recycle. Repurpose. Reuse.”

- The principles of my practice in Woodworking.

I recognize the potential beauty in recycled components, and have made it my passion to work with strictly recycled materials in a quest to transform "trash" into timeless pieces of art.

Custom pieces are available upon request. Please visit the Contact page to reach out for inquiries. All wood pieces are safe for indoor and outdoor spaces.


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