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It is difficult not to relive the places I've been when I've had the honor of residing in so many beauties throughout the world🙌🏽 My fifth professional volleyball season was in the ever dreamy South of France. During preseason, we spent an off-weekend exploring the quaint island of Porquerolles, France.


It was an epically beautiful summer’s day. Hot off the fairy, with a backpack of waters, baguettes, some fruit and a travel charcuterie spread in tow, we were greeted by an ice cream stand and bike rentals.

(So basically within the first two minutes, the village earned a 10 out of 10 review.🍦)

Two bikes and a scoop of glacée de Noisette later, and we were on our way riding through the trees and streets of Porquerolles! With nothing but time, we roamed around the island in search for the perfect beach-side picnic spot. Scouting out our respective lunch location, I snapped this shot at an overlook point.

I didn't realize that it would turn into the start of an epic Dowd Creatives feature piece.


The crystal teal blue waters literally took my breath away while the wind felt like a perfect 68 degree temp.

I swear, this place just wasn't real.

When we got back, I knew that I wanted to relive this view forever. It was the very next day that I got my supplies out and started painting.

I hung the painting up in my apartment where it worked double time as a useful backdrop for facetime calls. My dad said that every time I picked up the phone, it looked like I was on vacation at the beach.⛱

Living in the South of France meant endless nights spent on my outdoor balcony. On this specific laundry Sunday, I broke out the paints and started reliving the Porquerolles-en views via canvas form.

*Custom pieces are available upon request*

Customized handcrafted frames and glass covers are also available upon request for additional purchase. Please visit the Contact page to reach out to the artist for inquiries.


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