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Spring has finally arrived🌸 and that means it’s time to dust off the sunnies, open the sunroof and head to the flower stand to throw some color into your day!



This piece in particular was inspired by my one and only, Mama Dowd! She had seen that I was doing a ton of black and white charcoal drawings and asked if I could make a piece for her that had a ton of color in it! My answer was obviously an excited yes, but what to make for her?🤔

Living in California, we are gifted with beautiful weather and lasting colors of flowers wherever you look! Whenever my mom and I go on walks together around the neighborhood, I always see her gravitating towards the flowers in front yards as we pass by. Instantly I decided to draw her her very own flower. I wanted to make sure that it was abundant in color and vibrant in life, just like she is💞.


I knew from the beginning that I wanted this drawing to be a close up depiction of a flower considering how I LOVE getting to dive deep into detail when working with charcoal.

My one hesitation however when working with color was whether or not I was going to be able to control the shadowing as much as I usually do when working in black and white.

When using black and white charcoal, you are able to achieve the 3-d effect through the highlights of the eraser and shadows of a dark pencil. I found that the answer to achieving the same magnitude of shadowing for color, is diving into the world of Complimentary Colors.

Complimentary Colors:

In order to achieve a realistic effect with colored charcoal, you must add hints of the object's complimentary colors into its shadow.

Here I used subtle bits of blues and greens to create shadows around the flower's stamen and behind the pedals of the baby flowers. Since these colors create such intense shadowing, I chose to only add it to a select few areas of the flower. For the rest, I chose to incorporate multiple anthers around these details as a way to round out the composition.

When capturing the inside of the flower's highlights, I mixed a light beige with an equally light pink to capture the roundness of its details. A pure white was used in the middle point of the detail as a way to show the highest point of the 3-d effect.

Flower Pedals:

Continuing the complementary color work from the inside of the flower, I added purple streaks to the low points of the yellow flower pedals guiding the eye to its layers. I still wanted to make sure that the vibrant colors would take over in this piece, so to amplify the layers, I added a hot- rod red with a strong orange. As a finishing touch, a pure white was added to the edges of each respective pedal to add some dimension to the piece.

This piece is a perfect opportunity to add a little color into your space. Place it in your craft room, home office or bedroom and let the high vibrations and sunny feelings shine through.

*Custom pieces are available upon request*

Customized handcrafted frames and glass covers are also available upon request for additional purchase. Please visit the Contact page to reach out for inquiries.


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