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Inhale to Exhale

With every inhale of positivity comes an exhale of release allowing your body, mind and spirit to reach its deserved state of balance.

I believe that displaying physical reminders around the home can help train the subconscious to live in a space of harmony. It is a space where the mind slows down, the body unwinds, and the overlying energy is gifted in peaceful colors.

In days that are especially saturated in exhausting business meetings and tiresome responsibilities, it's important to take a pause and come back into our breathing. Whether it's a couple minutes of controlled inhale to exhaling, or a 20 minute meditation practice, your spirit will benefit from every part of it.

Inspiration: After playing professionally in the Philippines, I spent the next 6 months working for the athletic apparel company, Lululemon where I was directly introduced to a little phenomenon called yoga🙌🏽 Through my yoga practice, I realized just how far our breathing can take us. From a physical strain where we find resistance in our muscles, to a mental block where we experience angst in our own psyche, breathing has the power to help us overcome it all.

Each piece is sanded down, stained and painted in our little workshop of a home garage in California. All items are repurposed from wood left over to be trashed. This includes anything between palettes found on the road, to wood scraps on their final destination of the dump. I am committed to creating pieces under an environmentally friendly process to help conserve our world to its natural state.

"Recycle. Repurpose. Reuse."

The principles of my practice in Woodworking.

I recognize the potential beauty in recycled components, and have made it my passion to work with strictly recycled materials in a quest to transform "trash" into timeless pieces of art.

Custom pieces are available upon request. Please visit the Contact page to reach out for inquiries. All wood pieces are safe for indoor and outdoor spaces.


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