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Hand crafted motivational blocks work as the perfect desk top reminder during a busy day! I like surrounding my work space with small messages to keep the energy light. In times where stresses of the day become overwhelming, it's important to come back into our breathing and reset. Just the recognition alone to take a breath can put you back on track.


Yoga has played a large part in my journey of self- discovery. During the introductory stages of my practice, we did a ton of work on breathing. The act of inhaling was tied to intention. As we inhaled, we manifested positivity, patience, and peace into your bodies. When you inhale with intention, you are able to tap into a more meditative state.

Whenever I feel stress in my body or stress in my mind, I try to pause and take one big inhale as a reset. Having little reminders to stay in touch with that breath is already one step closer to living in consistent zen.

Recycled Art:

Since my brother in law works in construction, he had a pile of extra fall off that was no longer needed at one of his builds. I rescued this piece of wood along with a pile of scraps on their way to the dump. In my eyes, the grain looked way too cool to throw out, so I decided to transform them into some inspirational art.

Each piece is sanded down, stained and painted by hand in our little home workshop of a garage.

"Recycle. Repurpose. Reuse."

- The principles of my practice in Woodworking.

I recognize the potential beauty in recycled components, and have made it my passion to work with strictly recycled materials in a quest to transform "trash" into timeless pieces of art.

This piece is available for purchase as a single piece, and as a set accompanied by the "Exhale" block.

Custom pieces are available upon request. Please visit the "Contact" page on this site to reach out to the artist for inquiries. All wood pieces are safe for indoor and outdoor spaces.


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