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Gift of Time

My favorite artist, Trevor Hall combines storytelling with musical expression in his concerts. During a set, he shared a conversation that was had with his Grandma about the true importance of life.

I was with my grandmother in South Carolina. She is kind of in her final stages of life and doesn’t say much, but when she does, it really means something. She just looked up at the sky while we were sitting with her and she said, “Isn’t time such a wonderful gift?” - Trevor Hall on KALA album inspiration

This story really sunk with me as I found myself answering to what his Grandma had said. Yes, Time is absolutely the greatest gift we could all be given. At the end of the day, it is the time that we get to laugh with our family, the time we're allowed to enjoy a beautiful meal, the time we have to create memories with our friends that truly matters.

Time, is what we can be the most grateful for.


Every time I come home from a pro season overseas, I try to squeeze in as many events as I can in the following two months of summer. I'll plan trips every weekend, drive up and down the coast to see as many friends as possible, and hang out with family any moment that I can or in order to make up for the 10 months "lost" while I was gone. The problem however, was that the more I tried to keep up with making- up, the more depleted I felt. It got to a point where instead of enjoying the moments I had, I was stressing that there weren't enough moments To have.

I would get terribly anxious feeling that I wasn't making enough memories with my family, and worrying that there wasn't enough time spent during a weekend down in Southern California because I needed to be up North in San Francisco. I was just constantly fighting time.

It took a worldwide pandemic for me to slow down my plans. California was teetering between a state of Purple and Red, and everything was completely shut down; I finally took some time, to have time.

No flights booked, no reservations made, just simple time, at home.

And it was absolute bliss.

Getting the opportunity to just pause, and be in the moment with no obligation to answer to helped me to realize that I needed to change my relationship with time. Instead of fighting it, I started to admire it; with that came a massive weight lifting off my shoulders.


Each piece is sanded down, stained and painted in our little workshop of a home garage in California.

All items are repurposed from wood left over to be trashed. This includes anything between palettes found on the road, to wood scraps on their final destination of the dump. I am committed to creating pieces under an environmentally friendly process to help conserve our world to its natural state.

"Recycle. Repurpose. Reuse.”

- The principles of my practice in Woodworking.

I recognize the potential beauty in recycled components, and have made it my passion to work with strictly recycled materials in a quest to transform "trash" into timeless pieces of art.

Custom pieces are available upon request. Please visit the Contact page to reach out for inquiries. All wood pieces are safe for indoor and outdoor spaces.


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