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This piece started as a doodle in my lunch break between trainings during my first year playing in the South of France. As I had just moved into my apartment, it was in desperate need of some home decor. Being in the South of France, the place was naturally filled with rich sunlight and warm tones. I wanted to play off of this golden color scheme by adding some natural color of plants to the walls.

Using some old school washable markers, I drew up some plants to get an idea of where they'd best fit in the room. After some thought, I realized that the apartment was only going to be my home for the following nine months; I didn't want to invest in house plants if they'd end up homeless in a couple of months. So I decided to continue with the doodles and turn them into the art of plants for the walls.

Simple materials:

When you play professionally overseas, you're tasked with squeezing 9 months of living into two- 23 kg (50lbs) suitcases. As the two- suitcase limit also includes the three jars of almond butter and four bags of Juanitas tortilla chips, space for my art supplies became quite limited. Fast forward to a preseason event where the club held an arts and crafts table with an array of washable markers for some junior " Pays d'Aix Venelles Re-belles" players. By the end of the event, the director let me take home a packet of colors just to doodle with as there was no longer a need for the markers. The next day was when I created this piece of Botany.

It just goes to show that you don't need top of the line materials to make your own masterpieces. Finding your creativity falls under all aspects of art, including the materials you use. And each art supply is as valuable as the other. Whether it's a premium quality paint brush or a crayon, the beauty of artistry is limitless.

*Custom pieces are available upon request*

Customized handcrafted frames and glass covers are also available upon request for additional purchase.

Please visit the Contact page to reach out for inquiries.


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