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Love: Fill your sanctuary with positive affirmations and loving vibes! By simply setting reminders around your space, you can train your mind to live in a constant state of elevation.

In days that are filled with stressful to- do lists and chaotic head spaces, our line of chakras is tested through imbalance. It helps to have physical reminders present in your surroundings in order to slow down, and come back to that balance. Even if it means just a couple minutes out of the day, it's a moment for yourself to get out of our head, and into an affirming state of equilibrium.

Affirmations of positive mantras are important to have around the house as a reminder that we are worthy of encouragement and gratitude. When our minds are surrounded by loving words, our subconscious creates an environment where that of love is the norm.

Whether it's a paperweight to hold down your mail, or a piece of decor to add warmth into your home, this love piece fits in any place the heart will direct it.

Each piece is sanded down, stained and painted in our little workshop of a home garage in California. All items are repurposed from wood left over to be trashed. This includes anything between palettes found on the road, to wood scraps on their final destination of the dump. I am committed to creating pieces under an environmentally friendly process to help conserve our world to its natural state.

"Recycle. Repurpose. Reuse.”

- The principles of my practice in Woodworking.

I recognize the potential beauty in recycled components, and have made it my passion to work with strictly recycled materials in a quest to transform "trash" into timeless pieces of art.

Custom pieces are available upon request. Please visit the Contact page to reach out for inquiries. All wood pieces are safe for indoor and outdoor spaces.


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