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Dowdy Takes on the Pilipines


Though it is duly noted that I am way too far behind with my blogging, I will say that I have at least three drafts of stories that will be shared with all you American friends shortly. So note that story time is indeed coming soon!

Wow wow wow. First Switzerland now the Philippines. Never would I ever think that I'd be traveling to such exotic and remote places in my life, but seeing that I'm going from one of the smallest countries in Europe to literally a dot on the map bordering nothing but the Pacific Ocean, I'm realizing that the most magical places in this world are in fact the smallest of sanctuaries. My first pro season last year in Switzerland was hands down one for the books. I've been able to cross wishes off my bucket list far earlier than I ever thought was possible, making room for more hopeful adventures and possibilities creating an even greater admiration of this world. Playing in Switzerland completely opened my eyes into realizing that I have more in me. More curiosity in the hidden treasures of our world, more to develop as a volleyball player, and the desire for more opportunities to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

So for the next three months, I will be in Manila, Philippines playing for Phillips Gold in the Philippine Grand Prix Superliga setting out to achieve, more.

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